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Family run company who supplies & installs bespoke Air Conditioning & Cellar Cooling solutions. We pride ourselves on always putting our customers first and provide weekend installations to meet such requirements. Our units come with up to 7 years manufacturers backed warranty, with all works undertaken by F-Gas certified engineers.


Energy Efficiency Experts Ltd supply & install Energy Efficient Air Conditioning systems, Cellar Coolers and Ambient Beer Coolers. We also provide other Energy saving products & services, to help both our new and existing domestic & commercial customers.


We have over 17 years of experience and expertise within Energy saving industry to ensure you get the best service possible


We are honest & passionate about providing the best possible solutions to our valued customer, both existing & new.


We service air conditioning units and cellar coolers which are carried out by our fully qualified F-Gas registered engineers.

Beer Saver

We work closely with the hospitality industry reducing beer line cleaning from weekly to over 8 weeks. Saving thousands of pounds per site.


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Meet Our Team

Husband & Wife team running Energy Efficiency Experts Ltd with passion, honesty & upmost professionalism. Baly K Sheil is the Managing Director & co-founder of Energy Efficiency Experts Ltd. Along with the day to day running of the company, Baly initiates customer contact, undertakes site assessments, liaises with suppliers, generates customer quotations and takes care of sales. Dave Sheil, also co-founder & Lead Engineer of Energy Efficiency Experts Ltd, completes all work activities, be it Service & Maintenance, Installations and Electrics to assured high standards. Dave is very driven about both meeting & exceeding our customer’s requirements.

Energy Efficient Climate Controlled Air Conditioning

Energy Efficiency Expert’s range of climate control Air Conditioning equipment is market proven to provide both heating and cooling solutions at significantly reduced operational costs. Each allowing independent control & designed specifically to caterer for individual requirements. All units are inclusive of up to 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Energy Efficient Cellar Coolers

Cost effective cellar coolers, designed to maintain temperatures required for beer cellars. Savings of up to 50% in operational cost & inclusive of 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Energy Efficient Ambient Beer Coolers

Ambient Beer Coolers utilise the outdoor air temperature to help cool beer cellars. Savings of up to 50% in operational costs & inclusive of 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


Energy Efficient Beer Saver

Save on weekly beer line cleaning. Stop pouring profits down the sink. Our Energy Efficient Beer Saver takes beer line cleaning from weekly to over 8 weeks, without compromising beer quality and increasing overheads! Saving up to 75% in beer wastage & inclusive of a lifetime warranty. Free no obligation trials available!


Energy Efficient Gas & Electricity

We love finding you the best price on gas and electricity. We work with industry professionals who will source the best deal your business.


Packages from £20.88

Bespoke finance packages available to suit all budgets (subject to approval). Please call for further details. See the representative example below:



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Customer Feedback

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